How much do wedding planners cost?

If you are planning for wedding, you should pick the right people. The right venue should be picked up and you should go for various stuff as per your needs. When you are planning for wedding for the next year, you will be in early stages. By planning ahead, all the important tasks will be covered and you can save money on various fronts.

To conduct the wedding in the best possible way, you will want to choose the venue. The venue should be setup and it should be cleaned up. Professional service staff should be engaged so that all kinds of tasks will be accomplished with great precision. You should have access to a large dance floor, chairs and tables, table linen, napkins, flower vases, cake cutting facility and guest parking facility. There should be complimentary club room for the bride and bridegroom. These arrangements will be done in the best possible way with the help of an event planner.

Planner’s cost


The planner will be aware of the reservation and cancellation policy. He will

maintain the best relations with various vendors. Wedding planners will charge based on the level of expertise and the kind of services offered by them. You will be able to customize their service as per your needs. Some planners will charge based on the cost of the wedding. Others will charge based on the number of hours. Some planners charge a flat fee based on the services offered by them.

You can subscribe to the best plan after going through the reviews. If you choose a reputed local wedding planner, your needs will be fulfilled in the best possible way. Planners will charge based on the consultation, coordination, and full service wedding planning.



If you go for consultation service, the client will sit with the consultant and he will get clarifications on various issues. Consultants are experienced in certain fields. The consultant will place various design ideas and the client will be able to pick the best design to fulfill their needs. You can consult specialist so that you will get advice in the selection of the venue, decoration, vendor and many more aspects that are related to the wedding. When you get help from experts, you will save valuable time. It is possible to save money as you will approach the best vendor. The money that you pay towards the consultation charges will be very little compared to the vast gains that you make through the savings. The consultation charge varies from $4o to $60 per hour. If you are consulting in a larger metropolitan area, the charge will be high and it can be in between $100 and $150.

Day of coordination


Through the day of coordination service, the bride will assign the full responsibility on the wedding day and she will be able to make decisions so that the wedding will be done to fulfill her dreams. A detailed timeline will be created and responsibilities will be assigned in a systematic way. There will not be involvement of the wedding planner until one or two weeks prior to the wedding day. A detailed timeline will be created by the day of coordinator. He should contact the vendors and should review all contracts. The wedding rehearsal will be run by the wedding planner. The coordinator will liaison with the bride and vendors so that the justification will be done in the best possible way. As per the size of the wedding, the coordinator will charge in between $600 and $1000. The amount will be high in large metropolitan areas.

Full service wedding planning

The look and feel of the wedding will be managed by full service wedding planners. They planner will play an important role right from the conception to the execution of the project. They will recommend the most appropriate vendors such as providing you wedding cards examples so that your needs will be fulfilled in the best possible way. All aspects of the wedding will be covered by the planner. There will be various kinds of packages. You can strike a deal with the planner and the payment will be in between $3000 and $5000. If the client is not involved, the payment will be more.


You should be aware of the cost of wedding planners in your area. If you get a quote from two or more reputed planners, you will settle for the best service without any issues.

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