How to prepare the checklist for a wedding?

The wedding checklist should contain all the details about the wedding spending and requirements so that there will not be any confusion at any point in time. The wedding is the most auspicious season in one’s life and you should want to celebrate it in a most memorable way. If you organize various things in a very efficient way, there will not be any issues. Wedding planning can be accomplished with the help of a planner so that there will be great satisfaction. However you should aware the cost of wedding planner as well for proper preparation.

Planning for wedding


Before 12 months

Wonder how long it takes to plan a wedding?The planning for a wedding should take place at the earliest. Ideally, it can be planned one year before the wedding ceremony so that all the items are covered properly. You should announce the engagement one year before the wedding ceremony. The wedding date should be picked up and should talk about the budget as well.

You should determine who is contributing to what and there should be clarity on various aspects. The wedding style should be decided. There are various ways to conduct the wedding party. Best man and groomsmen, ringer bearer, flower girl and maid of honor & bridesmaids should be chosen at the earliest.

The wedding website should be created so that the complete information about the wedding venue, reception and other aspects can be posted on the website. High quality wedding site will also be filled with latest updates and photos. There will be address and other communication details so that you can make the most of your money.

The engagement ring as well as the wedding ceremony can be insured so that the risk will be covered prominently.


The guest list should be compiled at the earliest. The reception and ceremony venues should be researched. There should be research on wedding planner, photographer, videographer, caterer and musicians.

As you subscribe to special magazines (online and offline), you will be able to plan for wedding in a very efficient. There will be great exposure to new wedding styles by attending the local wedding ceremonies.

Before 10 months

The bridal party attire and accessories should be figured out. There should be research on florists, book officiant, ceremony and reception venues. You should book the venue, photographer, videographer, musician and caterer.

The fitness routine should be established and wedding dress and veil can be purchased.

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Before 8 months

The accommodation facilities for out-of-town guests should be planned. The guest list should be finalized. You should book florist and register with the leading retailers as well.

Before 6 months

A customer color palette can be requested from the service provider. There should be research on wedding card design, favors, thank you cards, wedding day hair, makeup styles. The rentals should be reserved. You can choose the cake style, groomsmen attire and ceremony musicians. Wedding bands can be purchased and the wedding invitation can be personalized as per your needs.

Before 4 months

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You should choose wedding party, flowers, venue, cake, and attendants. The welcome baskets can be arranged for out-of-town guests. The dress schedule should be planned. Honeymoon arrangements can be planned. Wedding cake, wedding invitations, favors and thank you cards should be ordered.

Before 3 months

The ceremony and reception setting arrangements should be planned. The readers and readings should be finalized. Rehearsal dinner venue should be planned. Toasting flutes, guestbook, flower basket and ring-bearer pillow can be planned. The reception menu should be finalized. The rehearsal dinner invitations should be ordered.

Before 2 months

The mail invitations should be sent. A system should be developed for organizing RSVPs. The ceremony details should be reviewed with the officiant. The content for wedding program should be laid out. You should apply for the marriage license. The wedding day, seating arrangements, and playlists should be ordered. The wedding day schedule should be prepared. The spa and beauty arrangements should be booked. You should purchase gifts for guests.

Before 1 month

You should confirm dates with vendors. The time and location should be confirmed. You should pick up the wedding ring, marriage license and honeymoon.

Before 2 weeks

If there are guests who have not sent RSVPs, you should follow them up. The final count to the caterer should be conveyed and the registries should be updated. The wedding duties should be delegated to trustworthy persons.

On the wedding day, you should have a good breakfast and wedding rings and fee should be handed over to the Best man. Thus, you can plan and execute the wedding ceremony in a very efficient way.

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