How long does it take to plan a wedding?

There are so many steps involved when you preparing a wedding checklist. You might want to tour the best wedding venues so that you can select the most appropriate venue to fulfill your needs. The search for wedding vendors should be accomplished. In addition to online search, you should take leads from your friends and family members so that quality items are supplied as per the order. Preparation for the wedding involves the procurement of wardrobe, makeup, hairstyle and purchase of accessories. You will want to hire photographer, videographer, event manager and various other partners as per your budget.


Planning a year ahead

If you can plan for wedding one year ahead, various tasks can be accomplished in a systematic way. You will be able to purchase the ideal wedding dress, wedding ring and other ornaments that enhance your beauty. As per a popular survey, it was noticed that couples will spend more than 14 months in wedding planning checklist.

Most of the couples tackle the biggest tasks after the completion of the engagement. They will start research on various aspects. The first aspect is the budget. They will explore the possible sources of funds and the organization will be done as per the agreement reached by the stakeholders. The bride and bridegroom will play an important role in the decision-making process. The tasks will be assigned to close family members and friends. It is very much important to assign the task to responsible persons as the arrangements should be done before the deadline without fail.


Selection of venue

There are various kinds of wedding venues. It is selected as per the theme of the wedding. The venue will be selected as per the number of guests, budget, and climatic conditions. The planning can be done in a very efficient way by going through the authentic information provided in wedding guides. It is possible to calculate the cost of wedding by choosing the menu, location, and other facilities. Top wedding blogs will provide you quality and precise information so that you will be able to make the most of your time, effort and money.

There will be great planning efficiency when you go through reliable information. You should choose the most appropriate wedding venue, banquet hall, wedding coordinator, wedding photographer, wedding videographer, wedding entertainers, wedding gown and wedding ring. When you are aware of the right source, you will place an order without any delay.


You should choose vendors who can fulfill your demands. If you go through the catalog presented by vendors, it is possible to choose the best vendor as per your needs. Some couples will marry and manage the honeymoon during summer. If there is busy tax season, accountants will opt for wedding outside the tax season. Hence, some couples will manage the wedding in just six months instead of waiting for one year.

Planning the wedding dates

Some couple will plan the wedding date as per the honeymoon season. If they wish to spend honeymoon in a particular country, they will wait for the season. There are budget-conscious couples who will book the venue during the offseason. It is possible to manage savings even though the wedding is planned in just six months.

You can make use of the ready-made guides available in the market. If you are short of time, the wedding can be planned in the shortest possible time with the help of event manager. Highly experienced event managers or wedding planners will manage a network of vendors and professionals. You should strike the best deal with the wedding planner so that the preparations will be done very quickly.

When you hire the best wedding planner, you will convey your requirements to the consultant. As per the budget, you will be able to arrange various items. You will print wedding cards, greeting cards and arrange guestbook as well. The caterer will get the number of guests so that the food will be prepared without any issues. The decoration will be done as per the wedding theme. You will want to choose colors. The flowers and cake cutting ceremony will be organized in a fabulous way. It is also possible to book flight tickets and accommodation to fulfill your honeymoon after the wedding.

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